Photo session in Kyiv

April 9, 2017

Do you want to replenish your album or portfolio with beautiful portrait photographs, get a lot of enthusiastic feedback from friends and acquaintances on a social network? Maybe sometimes it seems to you that you are not photogenic or that you need to lose some weight or sunbathe before ordering a photo shoot? Forget about these thoughts. Each girl or woman is charming and individual, full of grace and inspiration. An experienced portrait photographer will always select the best angles for each person ...

Food and drinks photography

March 29, 2017

Wondering how to attract new customers to your restaurant? Many new establishments are constantly opening in Kyiv. And in order to attract a sophisticated consumer, in addition to the usual methods of advertising, you need to bring a particle of individuality to the institution: create a pleasant interior, come up with a unique offer, invite a skilled chef who will create his own menu, which will make visitors who come once come back again and again and recommend cafe or restaurant to friends. And in order to start the process of becoming an institution ...

Product photography

14 марта 2017

Every new product needs a decent introduction to the market. Have you ever thought that if the photos of the product are creative and attractive, then they can get into the Google results for images even if there is no voluminous accompanying text on the page? What is written on the pages of your site is addressed, first of all, by search engines ...

Promo video about interior photography

January 25, 2017

A small promotional video about my work process during the interior shooting of a modern cozy apartment in Kyiv