Aerial photography in Kyiv

Septemner 27, 2018
Aerial photography of

Aerial photography in the modern world is becoming an increasingly common way to convey the attractiveness of any object or corner of nature from an unusual angle. Aerial photography, for example, allows to capture a hotel complex with the surrounding landscape and show potential guests the area, the presence of sports or entertainment venues. If the complex is located outside the city, near a forest or a river, shooting from a drone will convey an atmosphere of remoteness from the bustle of the city and calm solitude in nature.

Aerial photography allows you to get a photo for the portfolio of manufacturers of various building materials, primarily roofing. In many cases, large-scale residential or industrial sites are difficult to capture from the ground using traditional architectural photography due to the impossibility of capturing the entire object in one frame. Sometimes the solution may be shooting from nearby skyscrapers or shooting in two stages: both from the ground and from the air.

In addition to photo shooting from a drone, we can create a presentation or promotional video for you in Full HD or 4K quality. The video below is based on a trip to the Carpathians during the Indian summer of 2018