Furniture photography

Photography of sofas for Sophie Decor factory

How to shoot furniture and increase sales

Photography of furniture is a kind of combination of object and interior photography. Whether you are a manufacturer of furniture or decor, entering the market with a new product or updating your stock, it becomes necessary to give information about your products to customers in the most attractive way. A vivid visual display of the product, created by a professional photographer during the furniture photography, will be one of the paramount factors for a high level of sales. At the same time, the cost of photography can be significantly lower than the cost of other marketing aspects of attracting customers.

Photos of furniture items or kitchen sets or sets of upholstered furniture can be used on the website or in the company's catalog - often photography is taken on a white background for this purpose. It should be taken into account that, depending on the tasks, the background can be a consumable item intended for 1-2 shootings. For example, if sofas are photographed and they are sequentially set on a white background, then, usually, after such a shooting, it becomes unusable and is disposed of. When preparing for shooting furniture, it is necessary to agree with photographer on the conditions, the location of the shooting, the need to use decor or additional accessories, decide whether it is necessary to involve an assistant to move/hang furniture elements, or this role will be performed by company employees. According to many studies, people make purchases under the influence of emotions. When it comes to furniture, potential buyers often imagine how it will look and be used in their interior. Therefore, it makes sense, in addition to shooting on a white background, to shoot image shots using decor and shots in the interior or in an interior photo studio. You can also shoot products against a white background, and later, at the post-processing stage, replace the background, creating an imitation of photography in the interior.

Furniture photography is usually done with studio lighting. I can shoot a project with up to 6 lights. To arrange them in predetermined places and create a beautiful light and shade pattern on furniture, the room must be large enough, approximately 70 sq.m or more. In addition, enough free space is needed for the photographer to choose the optimal angle and use a lens with a focal length of 50mm or more, which will not distort the proportions of the furniture.

You also need to consider the color of the walls, as the light reflected from them can create color reflections on the furniture and somewhat distort its true color. Ideal option: walls painted in white, gray or black.

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