Architectural photography

Architectural photography of private country house
Architectural photography of Minsk-arena complex
Architectural photography of a pool villa

Architectural photography in Ukraine and world wide


If you are in building construction or sell built objects, you will need to show them from the best point of view. The right and the easiest solution is to make the most of the professional architecture photography. Probably, few will argue that people make most of purchases under the influence of emotions and on the basis of trust caused by seller’s proficiency, marketing triggers, and the appearance of the product. If you offer high-quality construction solutions, let photos on your site show it!

Industrial photography is used if it is necessary to show on the website or in the booklet various stages of production, technological processes. Inside buildings can be conducted with natural light or using studio lighting. Also, photography of industrial facilities can be used in their portfolio by companies producing various facade insulation or finishing materials.

real estate photographyAt the stages of construction or after its completion, a front survey can be performed to show investors the progress of work or the general view of the finished building with the adjacent territory. In order to attract buyers at the initial stage of construction, 3D visualization of the object is often used, but not all customers will call it reality, since it does not fully convey the actual state of the building and the landscape. Shooting the facades of the finished object will cause a much greater level of understanding among potential buyers.

Photographing architecture can help profitably and shorten the time to sell real estate in the secondary market, for example, a private cottage or house. It is necessary to take into account that for any shooting project an architectural photographer must devote considerable time to get the perfect result. An important condition is shooting at a specific time of the day. If you want to get a bright day frame, you need to estimate in advance what time of the day the sun will illuminate the facade from the front side, perhaps for this you will need a preliminary trip to the object. Often, buildings look very attractive in what is called “blue hour”, first of all, the time just after sunset or before sunrise. Also, photographing of buildings can be carried out just before sunset, when the sky is often got rich gold color, and light and shadows are not so strong as at midday. If it is necessary to perform photo shooting of one- or two-level cottage, an architectural photographer can use portable studio lighting.

In any of its subspecies, architectural photography includes the study of the facade of the object from all sides and the surrounding landscape to select the most successful angle. Often a good solution would be to shoot from a hill near or from another building located nearby. If the survey is carried out in the city, it will allow not include unnecessary objects in the foreground of the frame: cars, poles with wires, billboards, passers-by, and also to make the frame visually easier. The original solution, which will give the frame artistry, can be foggy photography in the evening or in the morning. Shooting of building facades can be done using HDR shooting technology in order to create the image close to how the human eye sees it. The prices for facade imaging largely depend on the technical specification, the number of visits to the site and property location.