Car photography in Kyiv

Cars photography, like any other genre of photography, requires careful preparation, discussion and coordination of the task, competent planning, the use of professional equipment and, of course, the experienced car photographer. Without exaggeration, we can say that half the success of the shooting depends on the selection of the location. The background should not contain unnecessary details that distract attention from the car, extraneous colors that will not be in harmony with the color of the car and, of course, should be appropriate in style to the class of the car. In general, the simpler the background, the better the final frame will look. When organizing shooting, it may be necessary to go around several places in advance, take test shots of the area, take into account the change in the position of the sun during the day. If the photo session of the car will take place in the city, it may often be necessary to obtain permission in advance to access some locations.

Depending on the task, car shooting can be carried out during the day, in the evening / morning hours or at night using lighting equipment. If the planned views should include the sky at sunset, the forecast weather data from different weather services is taken into account. But regardless of the weather, you should always take a sufficient supply of water and a microfiber cloth to give the bodywork a perfect cleanliness and shine.

Thanks to the rapid development of computer technology, it is possible in the editor to rearrange the car from one frame to another, substituting an unusual exotic background, but this is a very laborious process and it`s not always possible to do it perfectly that the viewer does not intuitively notice the catch.

Photographing cars can be carried out both in a static state and in motion. In the second case, a suspended structure (rig) is used to perform it. This type of shooting requires an additional involvement of 1-2 assistants and significantly increases the time of the photo session. Or the photo can be taken from a moving car next to or in front / behind, as, for example, happened when photographing a bright orange Audi Q3.

The color of the car matters a lot. It is relatively easy to shoot a light body color, and the most “problematic” color is black metallic. The best result with shooting black car can be achieved only in specialized automotive photo studio.