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Every new product needs a proper presentation on the market. Have you ever thought that if the product photos are creative and attractive, then they can get into the "Google images" even without of a large accompanying text on the page? Text on web page mostly viewed by automatic search engines. And potential customers pay attention to the beautiful product photos. You, of course, want to stand out among competitors, inspire customer confidence and create a steady stream of sales! One of the main steps to achieve this goal: to allocate funds for professional product photography, which in a month or two or three will pay for itself many times.

To place an order for product photography and obtain the expected quality results, think about the technical task and your wishes: how many goods you need to photograph, how many angles for each object, describe what the product is, its approximate dimensions, whether it contains glare elements, whether you want to take a picture on a plain background, or create a photo for advertising, build a composition of several objects and use additional accessories. Based on these objectives, the cost of the product photo shooting will differ significantly. You can download the brief here . Depending on the tasks, I can take pictures of goods in the following areas:

  • photography for web page
  • photography of objects for online store - usually performed on a white or other monophonic background
  • photographing for a catalog or booklet
  • advertising photography
  • furniture photo shoot
  • Shooting shoes
  • business photography - creating photos with models or customer personnel

Taking into account the rapid development of social networks and the increasing time that people spend on the Internet, SMM is developing more and more actively, and therefore it is possible to separate the subspecies of photography for instagram or pages on social networks, which is approximately comparable to the creation of photos for advertising.

In fact, the final result of any type of product photography can be used both for the catalog, the site, and for printing in a magazine or on a billboard. You only need to specify in the brief for the photographer, what size you will need the pictures and how they will be used.

Product photography involves the use of a huge number of auxiliary shooting photo props and accessories. Streaming photography for an online store, with small quality requirements, can be performed in a light cube even by a novice photographer. But if objects are glare or transparent, or you need to perform a hi-end level advertising survey, you will need scattering and shading panels, reflectors of different sizes and shapes, clips and holders for fixing them, light-shaping nozzles for flashes, etc.

Photographing of large items is often carried out at the customer’s premises. At the exit from 2 to 5 studio light sources, various light-shaping nozzles, white or other studio roll background can be used. At the same time, the cost of subject photography additionally includes costs for transportation, loading, unloading and installation of lighting equipment. Also shooting of dimensional goods can be organized in the interior photo studio.

A small object with glare elements, for example, jewelry or watches, is often photographed using a light cone - if it's a photo for the catalog, or with individual adjusted light schemes for each object. The technology for this type of photography uses a tilt-shift lens, or a macro lens and macro-rails, and when post-processing a technique of stacking images, if you want to get a sharp image of the whole object as a whole

The advertising photographer can create and coordinate with the customer various creative staged compositions using techniques developed by the experience of numerous photography. For example, in a simple frame with artificial ice, only 2 light sources were used, one of which, covered with a blue filter, is reflected in a sheet of glossy black acrylic on which ice lies. The second source with an orange filter illuminates the ice cubes and due to the refraction of light in them, the effect of a heated metal or mineral is created.
In the image with a prototype of a metal token, made to launch the project on Kickstarter, 3 light sources and a variety of reflectors and flags were used to create a light-and-shade pattern on the metal and a rhythm of light rays that echoed the edges of the product on a stylized concrete background.
advertising photography Product photography of a sports theme for an international stock photography agency included the development of an idea, the selection of the necessary props, according to a given stylist, and the matching of the color palette of all accessories for a harmonious photo composition. According to the task it was also necessary to leave free space in the frame for the subsequent addition of advertising text. An MDF panel imitating natural wood was used as a background, the frame was taken using 3 light sources and a pair of small reflectors.