One of the problems that the interior photographer faces from time to time on the set is limited space for the shooting. For example, you need to take a picture of the bathroom. Even using a 24mm lens is not always sufficient for small spaces. Mounting the camera on a tripod close to the wall can help to capture as much space in front of the lens as possible. However, it will not be possible to construct a frame using the viewfinder or display in this case. Not all cameras have built-in Wi-Fi, so a separate external Wi-Fi transmitter may be the solution. The Case Air device was designed by the American company Tether Tool. In 2017, the product received an award at The American Business Awards®. It is an analogue and the main competitor of the adapter from CamRanger. Both devices are focused on SLR cameras. With a Wi-Fi connection to Android/iOS mobile devices or a laptop, Case air allows you to view photos on them immediately after releasing the shutter and remotely control the camera. The possibility to view pictures on a tablet or computer is another advantage of using such a transmitter. For quality frame building, it is often not enough to look at the display built into the camera due to its small size.

Here are some pros and cons when using Case Air system. In the basic configuration, the transmitter costs almost 2 times cheaper than the analogue from Camranger. Its continuous operation time is 5-6 hours, which is often not enough. To connect to the camera and power bank at the same time, you need to order an additional cable. (Camranger uses replaceable 18650 batteries). Before shooting, there may be a 3-5 minute delay when initially pairing Case Air with some cameras. For example, this is possible with the Nikon D610 camera. When paired with a Nikon D850, there is no such delay. The manufacturer periodically releases software updates for the transmitter, so it can be hoped that its operation will become more stable with any camera.

In addition to the ability to view photos on the fly, the Case Air module will perform the following functions:

  • Live view mode and focusing at any point when touching the screen (when using devices with a touch screen);
  • change aperture, shutter speed, ISO
  • bracketing, HDR, focus stacking
  • time-lapse shooting and timer with Bulb mode
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, provides 5-6 hours of continuous work
  • Wi-Fi transmitter with a range of 45 m
  • hot shoe mount

Included are 3 types of USB cables for different cameras, an OTG cable, a USB cable for charging, a cord to hold the module if it is not installed in the "hot shoe"