Do you want to replenish your portfolio with beautiful portrait photographs, get a lot of enthusiastic feedback from friends and acquaintances on a social network? Maybe sometimes it seems to you that you are not photogenic or that you need to lose some weight or sunbathe before ordering a photo shoot? Forget about these thoughts. Each girl or woman is charming and individual, full of grace and inspiration. An experienced portrait photographer will always select the best angles for each person, suggest the most successful and natural poses, and set the light to emphasize dignity if it is a studio portrait shot.

The result of portrait photography depends on the preparation and discussion of all working moments with the photographer. First you need to decide whether it will be a studio photo shoot or location shooting. In Kyiv, there are many interior photo studios, among which you can choose a room for any idea. Shooting in the interior, of course, will be brighter and more beautiful than on a plain studio background. In the warm season, outdoor photography may be the best solution. At the same time, you need to discuss the location of the shooting in advance, take into account the forecasted weather.

Before any photo session, it is worth discussing what images you would like to embody, what clothes to use, whether you need to involve a makeup artist or hair stylist. It will be great if you can pre-reset references (examples) of frames from the Internet that you like in style

For portrait photography, you need to allocate at least 2 hours, and depending on the number of images, even more. No matter how experienced the photographer is, it is impossible to take many beautiful photos in an hour. Firstly, during the first half hour, most people only get used to the camera and relax in order to feel and look natural and free in the pictures. Further, during the shooting, you need to create a harmonious combination of each image and wardrobe details with the environment, the background. After that, individually select the best angles for a person, set the light or, if it is shooting in the open air, choose the angle to capture the correct and beautiful black and white pattern on the face and body.

As a location for shooting outdoors in warm weather, you can choose, for example, the central botanical garden, the Vozdvizhenka district, Feofaniya park, a park in Mezhyhirya. Any outdoor shooting is best done in the morning or evening hours, when the sunlight is soft, not too bright, and the shadows are not deep. An excellent result can be obtained when shooting in light clouds.

I can implement the following types of shooting for you:

  • portrait photo session, in studio or on location
  • photography for model portfolio
  • love story and family photography
  • taking snapshots

A creative professional photo shoot will give you vivid emotions, create a great mood and cause a lot of enthusiastic comments from your friends and acquaintances

Booking a photo shoot is easy! Clarify any question or book a time by contacting me at the phone number listed at the bottom of the page or send a message from the page Contact