Wondering how to attract customers to a restaurant? Many new establishments are constantly opening in Kyiv. And in order to attract a sophisticated consumer, in addition to the usual methods of advertising, you need to bring a particle of individuality to the institution: create a pleasant interior, come up with a unique offer, invite a skilled chef who will create his own menu, which will make visitors who come once come back again and again and recommend cafe or restaurant to friends. And in order to start the process of establishing an institution, you need to correctly convey information to a new audience. An important and, at the same time, not requiring large investments stage is the creation of a website or even a page on a social network and filling them with attractive content. Beautiful photos are the first thing that a potential client pays attention to when looking for an institution online. Professional food photography will show the dishes in such a way that there will certainly be a desire to try them and even share the story of visiting the institution and the photo on your web page.

Photographing dishes can be implemented in 2 ways: with a small budget - unified shooting of each dish separately on a white or other plain background; the second option is to create a composition from the main dish or several dishes and drinks, table decor, individual selection of the background and lighting scheme for each dish.

When planning a shoot, you need to think through and discuss the following points:

  • location, food photography is usually done at the customer’s premises, near the kitchen, so that the dishes retain their freshness and can be easily captured in the photo
  • allocate a table and enough free space to install lighting equipment
  • agree on whether it will be photography for the menu (against what background), or it will be an image shoot of food for advertising, a magazine, a billboard, etc.
  • whether you need some kind of table decor, do you plan to use something from what is available in the institution or will you need to purchase some accessories

Food photography can be carried out both with the use of studio light and with minimal use of it, if the restaurant has a bright interior and panoramic windows. Photography of drinks is a subspecies of food photography and is used primarily for the menu of bars and clubs and can also be implemented on an individually created original background, or on a plain background, and the interior of the room can also be used as a background